Hanlie Joubert art print on linen
Hanlie Joubert art print on linen
Hanlie Joubert linen art print

Minimal Landscape No. 12

$145.00 USD

Minimal Landscape No. 12

original oil painting printed on raw linen
limited edition prints (6)
signed and numbered on the back
printed on 100% pure European linen with eco friendly ink
unfinished edges
can be hand washed in cold water, line dry and ironed if needed
55" x 38.5" (140cm x 98cm) roughly
linen is a natural fabric and the beauty is in its imperfections
no print will look exactly the same and small variations in size might occur


*will be shipped folded, to save on shipping costs. if you would like it rolled in a tube, let me know and I'll get accurate shipping cost